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◘•♥ NewS - always mine No.1 ♥•◘ — LiveJournal

long time no update anything in my LJ.

today waiting for 『恋のABO』's PV
now, process is downloading ^^

4/7(火) 24:00~24:20 【M-ON】
4/8(水) 06:30~06:50【M-ON】
4/8(水) 17:00~17:20 【M-ON】
thanx: Love Lirn P

want to see all program, but I can't 顔文字1(背景黒用)


watched PV

NewS always make me laugh laugh and big laugh

NewS changed

dance in disco with girl (TTwTT) but in the white suit びっくり
make me shocked when I watch first time

but あげあげぇ tension is too high now




New campaign of LAWSON
Karaagekun x NewS Mobile Campaign

cute card of 6 NewS

Kei-chan with orange BG
Pii with blue BG
Ryo-chan with green BG
Massu with yellow BG
Yuya with pink BG
and Shige with purple BG


want to join this project

time to work

Let's go

Current Mood: good good
Current Music: RSP - Sakura

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Happy Valentine day

today is a day of LOVE

many people who fall in love'll happy so much in this day


roses; colorful of rose

chocolate; sweet chocolate

what a good day!!!


High Tension !!!


ah~~ want to see NewS's

long time no see T^T

Current Mood: embarrassed embarrassed
Current Music: 7 days

Today is not the main of NewS's story _| ̄|○ノシ

But, they related with NewS in [WeeeK] ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

GReeeeNの NEW 作品 [歩み - Ayumi]
発売日 - 2009年1月28日

I watched the PV, listened the song and suddenly like this song
Love GReeeeN's song again (笑)

I can't understand all of lyric clearly but I like all of the sentences that I can understand

The PV begins with GReeeeN's song [Ai Uta] the first song that maked me knew them and like their songs

Everyone has dreams ~~~♪

can't stand for listen to full of single


I am not sure that have the one who like this group but if have someone like it too, I feel glad.
I ripped the song from PV and upload it with MF
www.mediafire.com/ ( I don't know how to add linkX

plz, enjoy ^^


Current Mood: hopeful hopeful

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lots of work ==~~

I can't stand that I have many projects to do.

but, the time to relax is read about NewS's titles, listen to NewS's songs and watch NewS's file

today, I watched "My Boss My Hero" again with my younger brother
he said that "Tegoshi Yuya looks like the Girl" >/////<
the phrase that I can't find the word to explain it

10 Jan. , the day that i waiting for.
"Code Blue Sp." and "VS Arashi"

Yama - Pii Gambare!!

PS. Osaka de, minna gambattekudasai
karada taisetsunishitekudasai ^^


Pii.S mata LJ no password wo wasuretechatta.

Ah~~ MOLA(suddenly thinking of QOP; LOVEJUICE), different form Gomenne Juliet. It's not sexy like I think but I like when Yama - Pii dance

when he dance, Yama - Pii is Pii (he has his style that I like it the best)

nemui, ima 3.46 a.m.
I just go to my bed, oyasumi

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sha~ sha~ sha~ ♪♪♪♪

Ah~~ I want to see this Shonen Club na.

all of News's report, i want to read all of it,too.


.. all MCs

Thank you so much, that i can't descripe for all News's fan club
Everybody's very kind

It's the best thing in my life that I meet News and all of NewS's fan

ps. my english writing skill is still bad il||li _| ̄|○ il||l
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